The Lower East Side Biography Project: Edgar Oliver

Spoonfilm / LES Bio Project, USA 2000, dv, 14:30 min., documentary

"Stemming the tide of cultural amnesia" (Penny Arcade)

Edgar Oliver on New York City: " In 'Fleures Du Mal', Beaudelaire wrote an amazing poetic portrait of Paris and would bemoan how cities change faster than our hearts. And they do. It's the same with New York. But there is much capacity for decay and madness left in this town. Regardless of what is done to clean it up."

Edgar Oliver on the process of writing: " I try to never quite know what it is that I want to say until I'm at least halfway finished saying it, you know. If art is not a process of discovery then it's nothing."

"EDGAR OLIVER" - DIRECTED AND EDITED BY Heiko Kalmbach / THE LOWER EAST SIDE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT: PRODUCED BY Penny Arcade, Steve Zehentner / ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Dean Lance / INTRODUCTION & INTERVIEW: Penny Arcade, CAMERA DV: Heiko Kalmbach, CAMERA 16 mm: Claudia Amber, Mario Pegoraro / SOUND: Sibylle Jud / PAINTINGS: Helen Oliver Adelson / MUSIC: Sack und Blumm / THE LOWER EAST SIDE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT: Penny Arcade, Jill Cowburn, Josh Diamond, Keith Geller, Cecile Gogol, Heiko Kalmbach, Dean Lance, Lina Pallotta, Sibylle Jud, Eric Wallach, James Williamson, Steve Zehentner / LES BIOGRAPHY PROJECT SUBJECTS: Jeanie Chan, Ira Cohen, Jayne County, Frogie Conga, Taylor Mead, Edgar Oliver, Al Orensanz / THE LES BIO PROJECT WAS SUPPORTED BY Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Community Media Grant (; Rick Jungers, liason / FISCAL SPONSOR: Theater for the New City / POSTPRODUCTION SUPPORT: Tom Hayes Productions NY

SCREENINGS: ABC No Rio, NYC, USA (11/ 2000)

Broadcast on Time Warner Cable NY, USA (Dec. 27, 2000 and Jan. 24, 2001)

The Lower East Side Biography Project is streamed live at every Wednesday at 11pm NYC-time January through March 2001

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